To learn how to fly paramotors with an experienced pilot, please contact Jason Killian (+353 87 797 9340) at the Leinster Paramotoring School. This is the only school in Ireland recommended to learn how to fly safely.

Paramotor training starts with learning how to handle the glider from the ground. When you build your confidence and skills with the glider on the ground, you learn how to launch the paraglider.

Once you have learned to launch the paraglider, you will progress to learning about the paramotor, how it works and the safety knowledge required to use one. We will then teach you how to launch with the engine on your back; then it's into the skies for your first paramotor flight.

  • Previous Experience - None. This is perfect for beginners
  • Group Size - 2-3 students
  • Duration - Training can take from 10 days tuition, however, this sport is weather dependent.


License and glider registration information